T.A.M.B.A. Twins and Multiple Births Association
TEL: 01483 304442 TWINLINE: 0800 138 0509

T.A.M.B.A is a national organisation which offers “Twinline” a confidential help-line; various support groups; discounts for members; and publications on many aspects of multiples. It campaigns on behalf of families with twins, triplets and more and carries out a great deal of research in this area. More information can be found in their information booklet found in this pack. The East Kilbride Twins and Triplets Club has several of their publications, which are available to borrow.

M.B.F. Multiple Births Foundation
TEL: 0208 383 3519

Aims to improve care and support of multiple births families through education of health professionals and families alike by offering a comprehensive selection of publications and running of multiples antenatal classes.

N.C.T. National Childbirth Trust
TEL: 0870 770 3236

Whilst not solely concerned with multiples NCT can provide a wealth of information on every aspect of antenatal care, birth and early parenthood. There is a local group in the East Kilbride area, see NCT website or local press for details.

NHS 24
TEL: 08454-242424

A free 24 medical advice phone line; invaluable during out of surgery hours or simply to find out whether a doctor need be seen. Can advise on best course of action. The website gives information in an easily accessible way on all aspects of health care and medical conditions.

Premature births

Baby Life Support Systems (BLISS)
TEL: 0500 618 141

Support for parents whose babies are in special care.

Small Wonder
TEL: 020 8882 5879

Catalogue and Internet shopping, sells premature clothes and goods e.g. inserts for car seats. Offers discount to TAMBA members.

Assisted Conception


ACeBabes is a group that offers support and advice to families resulting from assisted conception; around half of their families have multiples.

Twin Sites


An invaluable source of information and support, it has an excellent forum where you can post any queries you have on multiples births and the replies come from other multiple parents based on their experiences. There is also a chatroom, an adverts page for selling and buying twins goods, bookshop for books on every aspect of multiples, a whole host of useful information articles and links to other websites for parents of twins & more.


A website designed especially for all ‘things twins’ whose products have been carefully chosen, designed and made exclusively for twins4u!


A website devoted to clothing, cards and toys for twins. There are also regular articles on the highs and lows of raising multiples.


If you’re expecting twins or triplets, taming toddlers to teenagers or if you are a twin/triplet yourself this website may be very useful to you. They offer advice and also a store to purchase essential equipment and gifts.


Planning a pregnancy? Expecting? New parent? Babycentre are there for you.

BabyCentre is the UK’s number one pregnancy and parenting website. They have helpful information, expert advice and friendly support. They also offer some great twins forums where you can chat with fellow parents of multiples.

Food & Nutrition

Nutritionist Resource

At Nutritionist Resource they believe that healthy eating could hold the key to a long and healthy life, which is why they have established a website that provides the public with easy access to nutritional advice from professionals.

They offer information about the areas in which nutrition might help, articles written by nutritionists, and the latest industry news. To ensure the professionalism of their website, all listed nutritionists have provided qualifications and insurance cover or proof of membership with a professional body.