Who Are We?

The East Kilbride Twins and Triplets Club was formed in 1997 when a local Health Visitor recognised that there was a large number of multiple births but no local support for the families. Because of this she arranged for a room to be available within a Health Centre and invited mothers of multiple births to come along.

The club, which is run by local families of twins and triplets, meets at Mossneuk Primary Community Wing in East Kilbride throughout the year on a Friday between 10am – 12pm plus one Saturday Club per month 10am -12pm (The club is closed on some public holidays, please watch the public Facebook page for any closure announcements and Saturday Club dates). The club is predominantly for expectant families/babies/toddlers through to pre-school age though older multiples and siblings are all very welcome.

How much does it cost?

The club is run as not-for-profit charity so all we ask is that members attending the club on a Friday make a £3 donation per family to cover the costs of the hall and snack.

Why come to the Club?

  • Learn about how other families have coped with the challenge of multiples.
  • We offer a relaxed and friendly atmosphere so new or expectant families of multiples can talk to other families who understand.
  • Share experiences and solutions to some of the tricky problems that present themselves day to day.
  • We understand how expensive multiples can be and have many members who are happy to pass on outgrown prams, cots and much more to new or expectant families.
  • We provide snacks for the whole family usually consisting of fruit/yoghurt/biscuits plus hot drinks for the adults. There are kitchen facilities and high chairs.
  • There is a large variety of toys, play mats, walkers, bouncy chairs etc to keep the kids amused so you can get that rare and precious bit of time out.
  • We hold some themed Fridays to celebrate Easter, Halloween etc but we also organise annual events such as our Christmas party, our annual summer outing to Heads of Ayr Farm Park and days or nights out for our hardworking parents.

Visit the Contact page to get in touch or find us.



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− ”Leanne
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